The best gaming mouse under $50

PC gaming requires the player to own at the very least, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. Highly competitive FPS games such as the renowned Counter Strike, or the highly successful Fortnite have a high-skill ceiling that is often only achieved by those who put in the hours, and eventually rise to the top of the ranks.

But, what is skill without proper tools? Could you head-shot every opponent in your sights if you were using a mouse from the past decade? Are top-notch peripherals the path to a #1st rank position?

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How important is a good mouse for competitive gaming

There are times when one might stop and think: Is this purchase worth it? Can I just run this game, play it and have fun, notwithstanding the quality of the product?

The answer is: yes, but you might not get better. This is an important distinction.

A good mouse won’t make you better at the game, but IT WILL allow you to GET BETTER and reach the upper echelon of the ranks.

Can you do it with a regular, run-off-the-mill mouse? Maybe, but a good mouse will have a good sensor, lower input lag, and have less sensor spin out and no acceleration, not to mention the additional buttons for quick access to the most-used in-game commands.

Thus, if you want to nail those headshots in Fortnite / Call of Duty / Counter Strike, or reach that APM ceiling and micro-manage like a pro in Dota2 or League of Legends, you might want to consider grabbing a good mouse.

The Finalmouse Air58 ‘Ninja’ model is one of the most hyped gaming mouse of the moment

What are the benefits of a gaming mouse?

Whether you play competitive games or not, a good gaming mouse will allow for your skill ceiling to reach new highs, by virtue of the following benefits:

Benefit #1: Extra buttons and easy access to frequent commands

While we all can get used to the key binds of any game, it is usually the norm to modify those to better align your play style or most frequent actions during the game. The muscle memory can be trained, but the further away the keys are, the more time/effort it takes to pull those epic plays, and that time/effort translates in potential margin of error.

See, say that you are playing Dota2, and instead of using Alt+Q to teleport away by using Blink Dagger, you can simply press one button on your mouse. That is -no doubt about it- much better from an execution/ease-of-use point of view, not to mention that will tire you much less in those long-drawn games.

Or if you were playing Fortnite, you can bind a mouse extra button to any build command, and increase the effectiveness of your building ability by tenfold!

Benefit #2: Sensor precision and accuracy

The accuracy in computer mice is measured in regards to its sensor, and how quick it can read relative changes in movement. This capacity is often given a measure unit, and it is called DPI or Dots-Per-Inch.

Most gaming mice allow for different DPI settings, depending on the game you want to play, and how accurate you need your hardware to be.

Do you need a DPI above 1600 to play competitively? The answer is NO. A lot of professional players set their DPIs to 800 for first person shooter games. While most gaming mice allow for higher DPIs, it does not impact that much above the 1600 threshold.

We do recommend that you grab a large, non-sticky, sweat-repellent mouse pad. We have some for you to check out (more below).

Benefit #3: Comfort and ergonomics

If you are an avid gamer, who commits for several hours to become better at any game, or just plays for fun during many hours, you have to take into account the ergonomic design of your mouse.

Your hand is bound to take a lot of abuse, and you need to give it the best peripheral technology to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and allow for proper rest.

Companies spend a lot of funds into Research & Development for the good limb health of the users of their products. Look into these and find the three (3) most common design patterns:

The three different types of mouse grip. Source:

  1. Claw design: That where your rest your palm on the back of the mouse, but its shape makes you grip the mouse by using your fingers, usually from the side (thumb and pinky fingers)
  2. Palm design: resting the palm on the back of the mouse, and gripping it with the fingers alongside it.
  3. Finger design: the entire mouse is only held with the fingers and thumb, without resting the palm.

Benefit #4: Custom weight

Weight is a key factor in gaming mice. The heavier it is, the easier and more precise pointing/aiming will be. This is particularly important for FPS games.

A good gaming mouse will have removable or adjustable custom weights, which can be easily accessed from its bottom.

The gaming mice used by professional players

What are the pros using? That is the question everyone wants an answer to. If this guy, who completely obliterates his opponents, uses a mouse specific for professional players like him, we want to know what model and brand it is.

Dota 2 professional players:

MidOne: what mouse does MidOne use?

MidOne from Evil Geniuses

DARK CORE RGB features ultra-fast 1ms wireless, Bluetooth compatibility and wired mode for performance gaming with versatile connectivity. The high-accuracy, 16000 DPI optical sensor, customizable in 1 DPI steps, can be tuned to virtually any mouse pad.

SumaiL: what mouse does SumaiL use?

SumaiL from Evil Geniuses


Based on the legendary SteelSeries Sensei mouse, the extreme comfort of Sensei ensures balance and speed with all grip styles. Plus, Prism RGB illumination with lighting sync, eight programmable buttons, on-board memory, and a light and durable construction combine to deliver the perfect esports mouse.

Miracle: what mouse does Miracle use?

Miracle from Team Liquid


Engineered to redefine the standards of accuracy and speed, this incredible mouse sensor crushes the competition with a Resolution Accuracy of 99.4%, so you can land more killing blows with pinpoint precision.1000 Herz Ultrapolling.

Fortnite professional players:

Ninja: What mouse does Ninja use?

Fortnite player Ninja

The Perfect esports Mouse Air and Art. Beautiful, like an ocean breeze flowing under your hand. 58 grams, should we say more? Words can't explain, must experience. It feels like air, in your hand. It makes the Ultralight feel heavy. It is the Air58.

LOLITOFDEZ: What mouse does Lolito use?

Fortnite player, Lolito Fernández

Logitech G worked together with eSports athletes to create the Pro Gaming Mouse. This Logitech G mouse is inspired by the classic, simple construction of the Logitech G100 and G100s body made popular by top competitive eSports professionals. Our best optical sensor, PMW3366, provides exceptional tracking accuracy. The metal spring tensioning system delivers the reliable click performance required for high-level competitive gaming.

Tfue: What mouse does Tfue use?

Fortnite player, Tfue

The Perfect esports Mouse Air and Art. Beautiful, like an ocean breeze flowing under your hand. 58 grams, should we say more? Words can't explain, must experience. It feels like air, in your hand. It makes the Ultralight feel heavy. It is the Air58.

Best gaming mouse under 50 USD: our picks

What else goes well with a proper gaming mouse? You know it!

…and the best gaming mousepads to go with


11 x 13 inches of pure precision and comfortable cloth for your mouse. Recommended for low DPI games (FPS).


The best-selling gaming mouse pad across the globe, and the top choice of esports pros for nearly 20 years. Fully recommended.


The largest and widest gaming mouse pad, able to cover (almost) your entire desk. You will never run out of space while moving your mouse frantically as you aim for the perfect shot. 48 inches wide for 24 inches long.

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