The 5 best gaming headsets under $100

It’s been a while and vacations have come to an end. In the meantime, we have been searching for items we think you will love come this autumn/winter season.

The 5 best gaming headsets under $100 (hundred) USD.

Does that price tag sound affordable to you? Yes? Awesome! We will cover the entire price range, from the cheapest to the most expensive, but always bearing in mind the quality of the product and the user feedback.

If you are out of time and just want to have a look at what we have reviewed, see below and let us dive right into it. We have sorted the 5 headsets according to product ratings / users reviews, and our own feedback on them. See the table below, and drop to the product card to read more about each individual headset.

But, if you still need some convincing as to why you should buy a gaming headset, sit around and pay attention. You might end up thinking different after this article:

Why you should buy a gaming headset

If you are any serious about gaming, want to improve your overall experience, or simply want to climb the ladder, you should definitely consider purchasing a proper gaming headset.

Better immersion

There are games in which the sound of a twig breaking or footsteps far far away may make the difference in you getting owned at spawn or defeating the rest of the players. If you have played any “Battle Royale” type shooter, you too have known the above. You see an enemy far away, and you begin to approach him, stepping slowly, crouching.

Yet, as you get closer, he suddenly turns around and headshots you without you expecting it at all. What did just happen?

He HEARD you coming. That’s what happened.

Improves communication and teamwork

All modern gaming headsets come with high-quality microphones that oftentimes also include noise-cancelling and voice-enhancing technologies. When you play a cooperative game, communication is vital for success. You can spell out strategies with a clear, crisp voice to your teammates (even though many times the language barrier will manifest) that may lead to your entire team not getting annihilated from the get-go.

Will enhance your winning chances, and in turn, increase your fun

In the end, all gaming is time spent in doing something FUN. Being human beings, we have much more fun when we win that when we lose.

Therefore, if all the two things above increase your chances of winning, you are guaranteed to have more fun. There is a direct relationship between using good hardware and enjoying and having more fun.


You spend 3 to 4 hours playing games, you must try as hard as you can not to RAGE, getting mad leads to the fun evaporating, and that is time truly lost. Who wastes time just to become angry?

Let’s improve our chances of winning, and let’s have as much fun as we can!

The 5 best gaming headsets under 100 dollars

Without further ado, let us uncover the Bettersetups winning picks for the best gaming headsets under $100.


This is the best fitting and performing PC headset we have owned and the new revision is even better than the early-2017. The fit is much better than other competitors, even if it it doesn't have as much flair.


Better battery life (16 hours from one single charge), wireless range is better, microphone is really flexible and allows for a clean sound. The sound quality is amazing. Recommended for playing Fortnite or Dota 2.


Designed for almost every platform, the Arctis 3 by Steelseries is the top choice for competitive gamers that look for the best-in-class peripherals.


One of the best headsets for those who look for good hardware on a budget! This is a gaming headset under 100, and at the time of this writing, it is under 50 dollars, so grab one quick before it runs out!


Definitely a great choice for gaming headsets. The sound quality is excellent, clean, good bass (not overpowering), details of highs and lows are great. I can hear directional noises front, rear, left and right and footsteps. Quality is great especially for the price. Comfort is great. Mic is good with good noise reduction.

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