How to cable manage your PC

Nowadays owning a PC is very common among the people. People keep it for many different purposes and due to this, they use many other separate external to fulfill their purpose. For example for the purpose of gaming, people use many other components like a joystick, VR headset, headset, speakers and many other things other than the main computer system.
By the accumulation of these devices, the numbers of different types of wires also keep on increasing and altogether they look very bad especially when they are entangled due to lack of proper care. For this reason, the proper arrangement of wires is very necessary. But most of the people don’t know how to arrange them effectively to reduce the bad look and enhance their comfort and convenience.
For this purpose, in this article, we have brought some tips for arranging the clusters of many wires in appropriate groups. Before going ahead let’s first know what is cable management and what are some benefits of it.

Cable management

The mess is not a good thing anywhere in any field. Even in the computer system, some mess could be seen, especially in the case of arranging the cables. Cables are one of the main things in the computer system, which needs to be kept properly. In case of not so good cable management, many unwanted circumstances and problems may appear and if it could be arranged in the way it should be done, many benefits could be seen. Though the number of benefits by arranging the PC cables efficiently may be many than we think, three very obvious benefits from this management you can get are as below.

Look pretty good

Everyone likes to use the computer system especially in gaming but it’s also true that there are many separate and additional components of PC to play the games on the way you want. These components need to be arranged very well so that, nobody would dislike your PC system and praise it. It may also influence others to keep their own system in the way you kept. The good looking place and system create the flow of positive vibes on your mind which affects the work you do on the system a lot.


We all know that there are fans in the computer system to keep it cool from the unnecessary heat generated. In the absence of these fans or if they do not work properly anyhow, the system may be affected adversely which no one wants. The proper cable management gives the way to the air to pass in and out of the system. This airflow maintains the temperature of the system and for not let it get heated more than it should be. Thus we all should manage the cables properly to let our system keep working effectively all the time without any damage.

Changing or replacing the hardware

We all buy the PC which suits our needs the best and works effectively up to the level we need. However, as time passes, our needs keep changing. Sometimes with over and overuse of some hardware components, we need to change them. Even the situation comes, when we need to upgrade some components due to various reasons. So in all these cases, we need to change the hardware components but this simple looking task becomes very tough for us due to tangled wire and cables. To not let this situation happen, the cable management is very necessary.

How to manage your pc cables

A good case

The first of all we have to take care of is to have a case which is good enough to arrange the cables properly. If the case will not be good, no effective step you can take to arrange for arranging your PC cables.
There are many things which you should take care of before going for a good case for keeping the cables and other hardware components.

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A good number of holes

A good case is that which, not just looks good from the outside but also has some good features and construction inside. The most prominent feature of a case from inside is having enough holes so that you can use them properly to arrange the different wires and cables inside the case.
In general, the case with 4-6 holes is considered the best for this purpose. Here one thing you also have to check that the holes should be wide enough to give room to cables for passing through them.

PSU shroud

Just like the importance of holes, the PSU shroud is also very important in a good case, if you want to arrange your cables properly. Place of PSU shroud makes the case more effective. It should be situated usually at the bottom. So never go for any case which has PSU shroud on top, if you really want to manage your cables very well.

An additional feature you may keep in your case to make it better, by setting a car with good space between the motherboard tray and side panel. This space makes it easy to move the fire from this space easily and also keep them in this place if it requires.
These features make your case good enough to be used for arranging the cables and wires of your PC system.

Use every hole in the case

What the use of all the holes, if you don’t use them for which purpose you wanted them in the case. There are different types of wires in the computer system like motherboard wire, front header cables, SATA wire, and many others. You can use any method to arrange all the cables in a suitable way. The ultimate goal of this arrangement is to seek convenience and look and not by anyway. However, if you don’t have any self-made plan to arrange them, the following given instructions you can use to arrange them.
We all know that different ports’ positions of the motherboard may vary but the location of the other cables mostly remains at the same place. Therefore, first, keep the power cable of the CPU from the back and on the top side. The nearest hole you can use to pass the motherboard cable from to the backside of the system. The SATA cable and the front header ports are generally located on the right side of the motherboard in a downward direction. So you can place them on any nearby holes which suit them the best. Just like these all the other sites you can also keep in different holes where they suit well.

Back is better than the front

Many people have the habit to keep all the wires tangled. And if they keep them properly arranged, they keep them in front. This is not a good way to keep the cables. If you really want to get all the benefits of arranging the sites you need to keep them at the backside. Keeping them backside will enhance the look instantly without making any extra effort. It will also enable your move to and from during typing on the system easily as in the presence of so many wires on the front side, there is always a chance to get stuck in them by mistake. Keeping them backside will also keep the cables safe as when they are in front, the possibility becomes even more of wearing and tearing of the wires due to many activities near the system.
For keeping them backside properly you may use some plastic box also which will help you to keep them safe. These boxes are especially more usable in case of keeping the extension boards. The extension boards fitted with different plugs of the system can be easily packed inside the box which keeps it away from the sight.

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Uses of bundles and cable sleeves

Sometimes we all see that in some particular areas, there is a collection of many types of wires and cables and it looks really very odd. On many occasions these all wires tangle among themselves and get damaged just while trying to untangle them.
For not letting these situations happen, there are many kinds of bundles and sleeves available in the market, which can be used to keep them organized. With the help, of these accessories, you can make your system and the area around it look neat and tidy.
These bundles and sleeves are available in many shapes and, colors and sizes in the market. You can choose any from them as per your needs. Many online shops sell such products at an attractive price. Therefrom also, you can purchase them.

Importance of pass-through, zip ties and twist ties

If you really want to manage your PC cables in a very good way, you must use some twist tie, cable tie, and zip tie. On many occasions, these ties are more effective than any other way of arranging the wires and cables. Usually, there are some already given zip ties and cable ties with the computer system, but they are not sufficient most of the time, especially when you use many different hardware components for gaming purposes.
Twist tie is used to group some wires when you don’t want to tie them permanently or when you are not sure about the arrangement you are making. It can be reopened easily when you want so. In the case of the zip tie, you will not find this facility of opening them. The tie made by this zip tie is usually done when you are sure about the arrangement of the wire and don’t want to make any changes in the near future. However, if you don’t find this arrangement good enough even after making confirmation, you can easily cut it by any suitable cutter anytime. This is one of the cheapest media also to group the wires together. These are the reasons zip tie is given preference over others and is used widely. You can also use cable raceways and sleeves to conceal cables. See these two recommended items:

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Additional tips

Along with these methods, there are many methods that you can use to keep all the wires and cables arranged. one of the best such methods of grouping all the wires is dividing all of them into two main parts inside and outside the system and then work on each of these groups one by one. If the number of wires is too many in your case and you are not sure which way to arrange them effectively, you can also draw first the arrangement as a collection of some diagrams and then choose the best one to arrange all the wires accordingly.

With the advancement of time and technology, many new things keep coming in front of our eyes. A table with an inbuilt extension board and many other features to reduce the cluster of wiring are one of them. You can also go for this one. It will not only reduce the cluster of wires but will also enhance the look and style of the PC area. Just like these, there may be many other ideas that you can come across while going through this issue.


Above we have discussed some benefits of cable management and how to cable manage your PC. We have discussed some very helpful tips like how to use twist ties and zip tie, using cable sleeves, using a case with the proper number of holes, etc. These ways are not restricted to some modifications. With some little bit modification and including some other ways also, you can make your wire arrangement really worth praise.
Any method applied to do any things becomes successful only when we just use them with proper care and at a suitable time. Even all the methods have some limitations also. This method also has some limitations like this method is described mainly for a single monitor system and especially in the reference of the gaming system. But it does not mean, you can’t apply this method for the area consisting of many units. With a few changes and using your mind properly, you can arrange all the wires of those systems altogether also with this method.

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