How to build your PC gaming setup

Video games are quite popular these days among people, especially teenagers and youngsters. It’s an old trend to play games on mobiles. These days people are crazy to play it on a big screen and in almost a real environment without interference by anyone during playing the game. This is possible due to some very high tech gadgets and accessories that you can use to build your own PC gaming set up in the way you want. In this article, we will get to know some of the very essential requirements to establish the place in which you can really say the best gaming set up for you.


A chair is a very essential object in your gaming set up. It is the place where you sit most of the time during your gaming. It should be selected as per the comfort you want. Metallic body chairs are considered the best for this purpose. The fabric of the chair should also be up to the mark. You can either choose leather or mesh. Both are considered the best for this purpose.
There are some other points also which you should take care of while going for a chair. The chair should be well equipped with the followings

Seat pan slider

This is very helpful to move the seat backward or forward.

Height lever

This is one of the very crucial parts of modern chairs. It allows you to set the height of the chair at your convenience.

Backrest controller

This feature of the chairs allows you to change your back position comfortably in whatever position you want.

Arm a chair controller

It is to change the height of the place where you put your arms while playing the games.
So if you buy the chairs with these features, you will really start well for your top-class gaming set up.


Monitors are considered as the main thing of the gaming set up. Without it, we just can’t imagine the game like a game.
There are many monitors available in the market and all boast to be the best for the gaming purpose. However, it’s not the truth. There are some qualities that everyone needs to look before buying the right monitor for their gaming set up. Some desirable qualities of a good gaming motor are as below.

Screen size

There are different screen sizes available for the monitors in the market. However, the screen size of 22 to 40 inches is considered the best.

Screen type

There are many different types of monitors like IPS, LCD, Oled etc. But the best suited for gaming is considered the best is TN type monitors. It is a technology that offers the fastest response time than any other.

Refreshing rate

This is the rate that shows the number of frames or pictures per second. The more the refreshing rate, the lag-free and clear would be the image. Most of the experienced people suggest going for 144Herz or 240Hrtz rates. In the presence of these, you will find the lag-free and clear picture and they also respond faster than others.


A keyboard is an input device which we all need not just for gaming purpose but for all the tasks done on the computer. However, when we talk about gaming, the importance of this input device becomes even more. During the game, even a single uncomfortable press or delay response can ruin the whole game which no player likes. That is the reason mechanical keyboards are considered the best. Some of the other reason for which you should go for these keyboards are mentioned below

Great life

The normal keyboards can get damaged easily after some strokes and uses. However, the life of a mechanical keyboard is more than them as they are built to bear millions of the press and strokes without getting damage.

Adjustment with keyboard response

In these keyboards, it’s quite easier to set the time of response as per your ease and the requirement of your game.

Easy cleaning

These keyboards have one common quality which enables them to resist the accumulation of the dirt on it. This is the reason the cleaning of these keyboards is quite easier.


You can also set these keyboards on the set up to produce sound while being pressed even a slight. This makes these keyboard super amazing.

Variety of sizes

These keyboards are available in many different sizes. So, whatever the size of your finger and hand is, and whatever comfort you want during gaming, you can easily have with the help of this keyboard.

VR headset

VR headset a device which separates you for a while from your surrounding and puts you completely in the gaming environment. This is one of the must-have gadgets which you must-have for the feeling like the character of the game. Below are given the main features of this amazing device

Bluetooth controller

Some of the high-end VR headsets come with the feature of a blue tooth headset. With this feature, you can connect it with the controller. Then with the help of this, you can sync your different gestures and movement with the game and just with this movement you can do many tasks in the game like shooting, gun loading, boxing, and many other things.

Eye pad

While buying the headset, you should never compromise with the quality of the eye pad. Due to rough and uncomfortable eye pad, you may get some rashes and scratches on the outer are of eyes and forehead due to long use of it during the game.

Clear vision

clarity of the vision from this device is the main thing you should check for before going for it. If clarity would not be good, all the other features of this device would be useless.


The importance of mouse, for anything related to computer and technology, is not hidden to anyone. Whatever work you will do on the computer, the mouse must be there for the smooth functioning of your work. However, when we talk about gaming mouse, many things we have to take care of in detail. Some of the following very important features of a good gaming mouse we must seek while buying it, are

More buttons

A good gaming mouse must be having more number of extra buttons on it. Extra buttons enable you to do many tasks very easily which is very important while playing the games.

Accuracy and precision

Sometimes it happens that the mouse is good enough but doesn’t respond when it needs due to its accuracy and precision. So always choose a mouse which gives an accurate and precise response, the maximum number of time.


The gaming mouse must be very easy to handle and press the different keys. All buttons should be properly placed at proper places so that your different fingers can reach them easily.


This factor is too very important while selecting a good gaming mouse. A mouse with more weight will make your palm tired very easily which will affect your performance in the game. To avoid this situation, always choose a mouse with appropriate weight for gaming purposes.


Just like every important thing, the gaming table is also one of the crucial requirements, which can affect gaming to a large extent. Therefore, it’s very important to have a good table for placing your monitor and other equipment. While buying a table you should consider the following things

Sturdy and fix

The table should be heavy enough to stay fixed even when getting a stroke during gaming. It should be very sturdy so that it can give you the company without being damaged easily.

Mouse pad

Nowadays many gaming tables are there in the market whose whole table surface can be used as a mouse pad. This will enhance the comfort of using a mouse without having the tension of keeping it on the small mouse pad all the time.

Power socket

The inbuilt power socket may provide you relief from the unwanted extra extension board for your system.It may give you more relaxation while playing the game and also you will never miss having a power socket ever.


It’s true that some gaming can be done without a speaker too, but it will be just like eating the delicious food without looking and smelling it. Sounds enhance the enjoyment and thrill of the gaming. In some gaming, sounds are required to react and respond accordingly, so the speaker’s role can’t be avoided in setting up a good PC gaming set up.

Built quality

The built quality of the speakers should be very good. Most of the speakers work well for a few days and then go out of service, so to avoid this situation always choose a good branded and sturdy speaker.

Sound quality

Have you ever got cheated by the size and look of the speakers. It happens mostly that the speakers look very good and beautiful but the same doesn’t look good when you hear the output music. The sound of the output music should be crisp and clear. Its sound shouldn’t tear with the increase in volume.

Compacts size

The size of the speakers matters too in gaming. You should always opt for the smaller size but strong output loud output for this purpose.

Bluetooth connectivity

The speakers with bluetooth connectivity are in great demand these days. Due to this feature, they can be put anywhere in the room if you want to change the position of the speaker.


Through most of the monitors that come with a webcam, many of the gamers want to go for a separate webcam due to the flexibility of its camera angle. If you too want to have one such webcam, you should consider the following quality of it.


The resolution of the webcam is also a reason due to which people want to have one separate webcam. So if you want to have it, try to get a webcam with higher resolution.


While gaming, its not possible to sit at a the same place for longer. In many cases, we need to change the position of our whole body for doing different activities.
For this reason, the webcam should also be very handy while rotating it. It should function well in every situation and at every angle.

Headset and microphone

Just like the monitors, headset and microphones are also one of the most having equipment for our gaming setup. During gaming, we need to listen to many types of instructions and respond to it from time to time. Without the help of a headset, it won’t be possible. Below we have mentioned some good qualities to test for before confirming a headset purchase.

Build quality

Most of the headset comes with some decent features but looks amazing. But when you really go to use them, they don’t give the feeling which you need during your gaming. For this reason, never compromise with the built quality of your headset. In many games, our whole body and head move a lot, in such conditions any normal headset may easily get damaged. So always go for a good one with the best-built quality.


Always go for the headset which comes with an inbuilt microphone. It will remove the extra tension and management of having one separate microphone.
Sound quality
This is the first thing you should check for. Both the microphone and the headset should provide clear input and output voice.


Above we have discussed some of the very important tools and technology required to build your PC gaming set up. Whatever tech brands you choose to buy your gadget, you should never compromise with the above performance. Even just a single malfunctioning of any tool may spoil all the excitement and enjoyment, you wanted to get through this setup. Therefore, never ever go for any unreliable sources to get this equipment and always choose the best for you. For this purpose, you can seek the help of
We wish you will have a great time playing your favorite games with your newly created setup.

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