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Are mechanical keyboards worth it?

April 21, 2020

Are mechanical keyboards worth it?

Are Mechanical Keyboards Worth It

Computers are one of the most usable devices in this modern era. There are many outer components which are essential for using the computer perfectly and without which, the computer can not work properly. The keyboard is one of such things. In this article, we will talk about mechanical keyboards and will try to know are the mechanical keyboards worth it.

Mechanical keyboards

Keyboards are one of the key parts of the whole PC and laptop system. Without it computing on the computer system would not be possible. There are many types of keyboard in the market. Broadly they can be classified as membrane keyboards and the mechanical keyboards.
Membrane Keyboards have mainly three parts


This is the uppermost part of any key. On these keys, there are some letters, numbers or symbols which we can see like A, Alt or = keys.

Rubber membrane

Below all these keycaps, there is one common rubber membrane which is linked to each other. This is just like one common rubber layer below all keycaps.


This is the main set up which is pressed with the help of keycaps and rubber membrane.
In the case of a mechanical keyboard, you will not find any rubber membrane. Here, below each key, there is a set of the lever, spring and another small instrument which helps to press the keys efficiently.

Types of mechanical keyboards

You might have heard some names like cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX blue etc, these names are actually some types of mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are separated by giving their names as some specific colours. There are four main types of mechanical keyboards. Let’s know some more about them.

Cherry MX blue

This is one of the four types of mechanical keyboards. It is a tactile type keyboard. It is considered to the noisiest among all.

Cherry MX brown

This is too a tactile type of keyboard. Its functionally is also the same as that of cherry MX blue. The main difference between these two is that cherry MX blue has clicking noise but cherry MX brown doesn’t have that.

Cherry MX black

This black keyboard is considered the best for playing the games. It’s very easy to do double-tapping with it as compared to others. These are the linear action keyboards with no sound or feel of the sound.

Cherry MX keyboards

It is not very common in use. There are many similarities between this and cherry MX black. The only thing more it has is taking less time in pressing the key downward.

Features of mechanical keyboards

Below are some main features of mechanical keyboards.


Above you have seen that mechanical keyboards produce sound when any of them is pressed either a single time or continuously for a longer period of time. This feature helps all those users who use it in many ways. The sound produced in this way confirms or assure them that for which letter writing, they have pressed any particular key, has been typed successfully.
In the membrane-based keyboard, you will not find any such feature. They will not produce any such sound when you press any key and due to this, you need to look at the screen to verify more than often, just to be ensured, whatever letter or letters you have pressed have been typed correctly.
This feature is really very helpful for the people who need to type too much data every single day. While using this keyboard they will never miss any typing. The sound of this keyboard which comes after pressing it can also be set as per your need and convenience. So if you think that the same sound which is very useful for you, should be proving some more or less noise, you can easily do it with some given setting in these keyboards.

Faster typing

If you are a computer user, your typing speed should be good enough to impress others but most often people don’t take care of this at the time and repent after passing the useful time in vain. With this keyboard, faster typing is guaranteed. As you noticed above, the mechanical keyboards produce sound while any of its keys is pressed and assures you for the correct typing of the letter. In this way you needed not to look at the screen again and again just to confirm whatever you are typing is being written on the screen. This point is the key to reduce the time in typing and enhancing your typing speed.
For the normal users who don’t type much daily, it may not be very useful and they can find it just like other keyboards. However, if you are one among them who need to type huge data daily, you can easily find the difference and easily can boost their styling speed just by replacing their old keyboards with this mechanical keyboard.


All mechanical keyboards are prepared with high-quality material. They do not wear and tear easily. The plastic used to make the key is of high grade. The steel used to make lever and spring of all the keys is very strong and can last up to a very long time if kept properly.
We all know that the membrane keyboard has a common rubber sheet below every keycap. Below this keycap, these rubber pads are linked together. When any of the keys becomes out of service, the whole keyboard needs to be replaced it means you have to buy a new keyboard.
It is not the case in a mechanical keyboard. In the mechanical keyboard, if any keys get out of service, just only that you can change without changing the whole setup of the keyboard. In this way, the same keyboard can be used for a quiet long time.
One other thing besides this is that below every key in membrane keyboard, there is a rubber bump which is elastic when they are new. With the passage of time, this elasticity loses its power and the keyboard stops working after some time. And since we know that there is no such rubber bump in mechanical keyboard and it works with the help of lever and spring, it keeps working for a quite long time.

Calculated price

When you buy any mechanical keyboard, in starting you may think that the price of this keyboard is higher or puts an extra burden on your pocket. However, the reality is not like this if you could see it in a calculated way. As we discussed above that most local keyboard lifespan is more than the normal rubber membrane keyboard.
For example, suppose you buy any mechanical keyboard for Rs 1600 and you feel that the product you bought is costly as for the membrane-based keyboard you just pay Rs 500. However, you didn’t notice that during which times you used your mechanical keyboard smoothly without any problems, the membrane keyboard would have been replaced 3-4 times some far.
This is the reason that even on being a high price, the overall effect of its cost on your pocket will be less than those of rubber membrane keyboards. The people who know this difference very well, never go for any other keyboard just for the sake of price as they know for what they are paying more today, will actually become cheaper than others when we will look for the overall expense of keyboards over a long span of time.

The most favorite of gamers

Gamers are known for not compromising with anything which interrupts their gaming flawlessly. the keyboard is one of the things, which is used by them to make their gaming smooth and fast.
Most of the gamers choose mechanical keyboards. The reason behind this is, it works much much better than the mechanical keyboard according to them. There are many instruction and command which needs to be done during gaming and when is done with some special keys of the keyboard, it makes the gaming very easy to control. In some games, the same key is used so many times and some times it needs to be pressed or hit continuously for example while using sniping and boxing game.
If you will use a membrane keyboard for this purpose, they may get damaged easily and also they will not respond quickly. Some times the gamers hit some special keys very very hard which may damage that particular key instantly. While using a mechanical key they don’t have any such issues. As we know that the mechanical keyboard is made of very high material, it can bear all the hits that gamer uses during gaming. And they respond really very very fast. That is the reason most of the gamers choose mechanical keyboards over membrane keyboards.

Highly customizable

Mechanical keyboards have many features that makes it very different and useful than membrane keyboards. One of the most amazing features of it is its customization. It helps in many ones to the people. One of the most amazing uses of it we have seen is making it more durable. This is because in case if the mechanical keyboard of just any single key gets damaged, just one key needs to be changed instead of buying a new keyboard as we have discussed above too.
Making the colorful keyboards by changing some set of keys that can easily be done. It makes the keyboard really look great.
Some people also want to give some particular keys a special symbol as any mythological character, any name or anything like that to make it more personalized. The volume of the different keystroke can also be customized in these keyboards. This makes it usable both for the people who like the key sound while typing and who doesn’t like it and manage the typing without sound too. You can also reduce the amount of sound if you want to listen to the sound just a little bit.
This amazing customization really makes these keyboards worth buying.


Comfort is one of the main things which we all seek in everything we want to do. These mechanical keyboards are designed also to make the user very comfortable while using it. It can be seen in the all above discussed points.
As we discussed above that while typing the letter, it makes noise for every single press of a key. In this when every we type anything, we need not verify it by looking at the screen all the time. In this way, it gives us discomfort in moving the head again and again at the screen or keeping it fixed in front of the screen just to look at what is being typed, is correct or not and whether you are actually typing anything or not.
We also saw that these keyboards are quite durable and in this way, we need not change the keyboard again and again and hence we really feel comfortable in using it without the tension of replacing it too many times.
We saw that customization helps to change some particular keys as per our desire to put specific symbols or colors on that key. In this way, we can identify that key distinctly and feel more comfortable while using that key too many times. Just like these, there are many ways in which these mechanical keyboards make the user really comfortable while using these keyboards for various tasks.


In the above points, we have seen some very obvious uses and features of the mechanical keyboards. These features tell us how important the mechanical keyboard is for the people who love gaming and do a lot of typing work. These features are just a glimpse of the relief and progress which you get with the use of these keyboards. There may be even more features and benefits which you will know after using them. Looking at all these aspects of the mechanical keyboards it can be easily said that yes, the mechanical keyboards are really worth using at least once to see a clear difference.